About A1 Chimney Sweepers

The Foundation of our company began when our President Patrick Bourque responded to an ad in the local newspaper under the heading Franchise for Sale. He purchased A-1 Chimney Sweepers in February 1980.

First located at the corner of Bonacord and St-George Streets, the business grew and prospered as the energy crisis of the 1980s caused the consumers to consider wood as a safe and economical alternative source of home heating. This upsurge in the use of wood burning technology led consumers to look for a company with professionally trained and certified technicians to sell, install and service their appliances.

To meet this demand Pat became an active member of the Canadian Wood Energy Institue which is the predecessor of H.P.B.A.C (Heath Pation and Barbeque Association of Canada) of which Pat is a past President.

Committed to a customer service, A-1 staff developed a wealth of knowledge and expertise as well as a reputation for quality service and worksmanship in the hearth industry. A-1 presently has the most WETT (Wood Energy Technology Transfer) certified staff in Canada. WETT is an organization that also spun off the CWEI (Canadian Wood Energy Institute) its purpose is to train and certify wood energy Technicians.

Increased consumer demands for the services and products provided by A-1 led to expansion of both staff and facilities. In 1983 George LeBlanc joined the A-1 Team to promote and develop retail sales. George was a member of the WETT Board and is a past president of the organization, he is also a trainer in the WETT System.

A New bigger showroom was openened in 1983 on Baig Boulevard. A-1 undertook a major expansion in 1988 and Maritime Fireplaces was formed to take over the retail sales aspect of the business. That same year the company was moved to it’s new location of 246 Halifax Street.

In 2009 A-1 Chimney Sweepers expanded and moved it’s business next door at 254A Halifax Street.

From a humble beginning of a company of two, A-1 Chimney Sweepers and Maritime Fireplaces have grown to a combined staff of over 30 and is focused on the home hearth and heating. The Slogan “Your Warmth is our Comfort” is our motto.

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